Who Is In The Deep Purple Tree?

Deep Purple 143kb

Tony Ashton Paice Ashton and Lord
Pete Barnacle Gillan
Norma Jean Bell Tommy Bolin Band
Ritchie Blackmore Roundabout Deep Purple
Tommy Bolin Zephyr James Gang Deep Purple
Tony Burrrows Flowerpot Men
Steve Byrd Gillan
Graham Carter-Dimmock Episode Six
Sheila Carter-Dimmock Episode Six
David Coverdale Deep Purple White Snake
Chris Curtis Roundabout
Dave Curtis Roundabout
David Dowle White Snake
Rod Evans Deep Purple
Ray Fenwick Ian Gillan Band
Jim Fox James Gang
Mell Galley Trapeze
Liam Genocky Gillan
Ian Gillan Episode Six Deep Purple Ian Gillan Band
Candy Givens Zephyr
David Givens Zephyr
Roger Glover Episode Six Deep Purple
Derek Griffiths Artwoods
John Gustafson Ian Gillan Band
Dave Holland Trapeze
Glenn Hughes Trapeze Deep Purple
Brian Johnston White Snake
Roy Kenner James Gang
John Kerrison Episode Six
Tony Lander Episode Six
Neil Landon Flowerpot Men
Carlo Little Flowerpot Men
Jon Lord Artwoods Flowerpot Men Roundabout Deep Purple Paice Ashton and Lord Whitesnake
Bernie Marsden Paice Ashton and Lord White Snake
Paul Martinez Paice Ashton and Lord
Reggie McBride Tommy Bolin Band
John McCoy Gillan
Mick Moody White Snake
Neil Murray White Snake
Mark Nauseef Ian Gillan Band
Pete Nelson Flowerpot Men
Ian Paice Deep Purple Paice Ashton and Lord
Ged Peck Flowerpot Men
Dale Peters James Gang
Malcom Pool Artwoods
Andy Ross Episode Six
Robin Shaw Flowerpot Men
Harvey Shields Episode Six
Nick Simper Flowerpot Men Roundabout Deep Purple
Pete Solley White Snake
Mickey Lee Soule Ian Gillan Band
Mark Stein Tommy Bolin Band
Colin Towns Ian Gillan Band Gillan
Dominic Troiano James Gang
Mick Underwood Episode Six
Michael Walden Tommy Bolin Band
Art Wood Artwoods
Bobby Woodman Roundabout

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