The Family

Pete FramePete Frame started drawing his Rock Family Trees in Zigzag, Britain’s first rock magazine, which he founded in 1969.

They subsequently appeared in Sounds, NME, Melody Maker and Rolling Stone, on album sleeves and CD inserts. BBC Television broadcast two series of Rock Family Trees – plus further programmes based on his Monty Python genealogy and his Manchester United family trees.

Several volumes of his collected works have been published by Omnibus Press.

To understand more about the man and his work, take a look at An interview with Pete Frame conducted in 1999 by Beppe Colli.


The Family Of Rock is the company set up by Pete Frame to present and build on his remarkable contribution to rock culture – The Rock Family Trees.

Bringing together  talented figures from the record industry, academia, genealogy and  journalism inaugural Family members include:

Ben Wolff and Andy Dean, AKA The Boilerhouse Boys.

Clive Rich

Gavin Martin

Suzanne Moore

Elaine Collins

Tim Delaney

Professor Lorraine Gamman

Kevin Brown

Deborah Orr

Will Self

Sam Taylor

Mark Brackstone

Paul Lennon

John Statham

Kaz Gill

Alexis Goldstein

Tim Clark

Andrew Hale

Scot Crane

Alf France

Eugene Manzi

Danny Shisler

Music Technology Ltd

Bruce Townend

Scarlet Moore

Formed on January 12th 2009 and now open for business with signed numbered collectors editions of The Trees available for the first time ever.

But this is just the beginning.

Welcome to our site.

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