This past month our friends at The Word Magazine have a special Family of Rock offer – an exclusive 250 limited and numbered signed edition of Pete Frame’s second, previously unpublished Fleetwood Mac tree.
Some interesting chatter on The Word website with commentators arguing over the Trees worth –

Or, as Pete Townshend would say, ” I call that a bargain – the best I ever had…”
We still have a few copies of the run available – coinciding with the release of the current Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac and the band’s imminent British tour.
THe tour reunite the band’s classic latter day line up – Mick Fleetwood and John Mcvie,respectively the most resilient and longstanding drum n bass combination to emerge from 60s Brit rock and sonetime lovers guitarist Lindsey Buckingham (the band’s volcanic musical genius) and Stevie Nicks – Epstein Barr syndrome survivor, witchy woman incarnate.
Contact Scarlet – if you want to invest in this exclusive print run.


  1. Hi Pete,
    I bought my first Zigzag in 1973 in a shop in Settle, North Yorkshire. It was the first music fanzine that I had ever seen. I bought and collected subsequent issues and back copies. Zigzag changed my attitude and taste in music. Enjoyed Restless Generation, too.


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