From our Director of Communications…

Welcome to the Family of Rock!

Time to get this show on the road.

The programme to utilize, incorporate and magnify the true meaning and many stories in Pete Frame’s Rock Family Trees begins here.

A public information announcement:

The Family of Rock was inaugurated when Ben Wolff and Andy Dean, aka The Boilerhouse Boys, presented Frame, creator of Rock Family Trees, with a plan to make his aurally fixated artistic arboretum a living entity – on the web and beyond. It was no mean feat as, previously, Frame had been unimpressed by offers to put his life’s work into the 21st century cultural space and market place. But now here,  I am proud to say, we are – together.
Family, in fact.

Elsewhere on this site you can read about Pete’s work, browse the Trees and check out  Family of Rock merchandise.
Pete and other esteemed members of the family will be blogging here too.

So stay tuned and, before we proceed, one final point.

Perhaps the Trees’ greatest cultural bequest is that they account for every character element in the rock n roll stories they tell. In this regard we welcome readers, musicians and fans to submit their own Trees to this site. We don’t expect you, or Pete, to spend hours emulating the handcrafted beauty of these legendary art works. Rock n roll is a living , ever developing , entity. The next Stone Roses , Dizzee Rascal Nirvana, Can or (please insert other name/s here) may be out there somewhere – nucleusing now. At least for posterity’s sake we want to know about them.
And we also want to know about what Neil Young might call the unknown legends the unsung uncelebrated people who are the music’s lifeblood.

Feel free to peruse Pete’s Trees for direction or inspiration.

Like The Godfather of Soul, mister James Brown, may have almost said:
Get up get into it get involved
Or stand back and make way
Cause we’ll be tree rocking
Twenty four hours a day

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